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Real Estate Insurance consists of many areas:

Commercial Buildings, Homeowners, Landlords, Strip Malls, Shopping Malls, High Rise Apartment Buildings, Warehouse Office Complexs, Condo Associations, Homeowners Associations, etc....

We here at ENI Agency provide a complete custom package of coverages to fit your needs with some of the following insurance coverages:

Building  - Insurance to cover the replacement of your property up to policy limits due to a covered peril.

General Liability - Insurance for what the policyholder is legally obligated to pay because of bodily injury or property damage caused to another person.

Fire & Water Damage Legal Liability -

Loss of Rent - This coverage is a form of business income for landlords. When your building has a loss and tenants are displaced this insurance comes into play.

Boiler & Machinery - Often called Equipment Breakdown, or Systems Breakdown insurance. Commercial insurance that covers damage caused by the malfunction or breakdown of boilers, and a vast array of other equipment including air conditioners, heating, electrical, telephone, and computer systems.

Ordinance & Law - Endorsement to a property policy, including homeowners, that pays for the extra expense of rebuilding to comply with ordinances or laws, often building codes, that did not exist when the building was originally built. For example, a building severely damaged in a hurricane may have to be elevated above the flood line when it is rebuilt. This endorsement would cover part of the additional cost.

Flood - Coverage for flood damage is available from the federal government under the National Flood Insurance Program but is sold by licensed insurance agents. Flood coverage is excluded under homeowners policies and many commercial property policies. However, flood damage is covered under the comprehensive portion of an auto insurance policy.

Natural Disaster - This coverage can be added to cover your building in the event of Hurricanes or Earthquakes.

Sewer & Drain Backup - An Endorsement to a property policy incase of sewer or drain waters backing up causing damage

Coinsurance Waiver - This can be added to your property policy to avoid a coinsurance penalty.

Lead Base Paint Liability - Many of our older buildings still have lead based paint which may cause harm to tenants, inquire about being covered.

Commercial Umbrella Limits up to $200 Million - Coverage for losses above the limit of an underlying policy or policies such as homeowners and auto insurance. While it applies to losses over the dollar amount in the underlying policies, terms of coverage are sometimes broader than those of underlying policies.

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